Why Ethnic Chic

You are unique. . .your jewelry should be too!

Why not discover different cultures through the the jewelry that you wear? Ethnic Chic provides an intriguing taste of fascinating cultures with contemporary eclectic designs. 

Colorful Kazuri beads handcrafted by women in Kenya, traditional handmade glass Krobo beads from Ghana, and intricately crafted Tibetan beads are among those that are beautifully blended with gemstones, pearls and other components.

Ethnic Chic offers you an experience like no other. Use your imagination and experience the sites and sounds of foreign lands brought closer through ethnic style.

Hear the beat of African drums as you wear creations made with traditional African beads. Take a deep breath and hear the soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls as you wear a necklace with an intricately etched brass Tibetan bead. Delight in the sound of tinkling brass bells fromThailand as you wear a piece designed with Hill Tribe Silver beads.

Experience the world with what you wear.  Join me on my journey through what the world has to offer in style.